Jan 3, 2021

I just received this email and became a blubbering mess in a good way ❤ Thank you Susan Rhett for your kind and heart felt words ❤

The heading of the email was " Thank you for 2020 "

" Bet you never thought you would see that sentence!

As we all struggled emotionally, physically and financially through 2020 you and LNPB have been a source of Faith, Hope, love and comfort to so many - both our Fur Family and Villagers.

So many new and life saving measures were added to what LNPB has done for years.

The LNPB Clinic staffed by incredibly talented and compassionate professionals. What a life saving endeavor!

So many in need have received help through LNPB to keep their loving Families together.

Animals found and RTOs who love and cherish them.

Pups and kitties found abandoned and given the love they so richly deserve.

You looked into the eyes and souls who others gave up on and believed in them.

While I selfishly mourn those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge I know they left us with their souls healed and their hearts filled with love for eternity.

LNPB transporters, BOD and, most especially, Fosters are all admired and respected. On a personal note, I think Sandra Fisher is an incredible, marvelous human being for her absolute love and dedication. "

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