Aug 18, 2016

I'm sure you get slammed with calls for help. Thanks for reading.

LOS ANGELES, CA: SOS! Please watch and share! This video shows what life has been like for 9 year old Gracie for the past two months -- loud, chaotic, stressful and uncomfortable. She is quite literally deteriorating at the open-intake city shelter and this her third feature on SSD.

Gracie's status has now changed to "rescue only" -- meaning she can no longer be directly adopted from the shelter by the public. Gracie can only be pulled by a rescue who will have her evaluated by a vet and give her the care that she needs. It's been very difficult getting Gracie out of the shelter and we really need your help to continue trying for her. (Reputable rescues, please inquire! Gracie will come with financial assistance for vet care that she so badly needs. She just needs someone who can give her a place to stay and some TLC.)

Gracie is described as affectionate when she wants to be, but she can also act a bit "aloof" and independent, too. These details are important -- it's not that she's not interested in you, it's part of her personality! She needs time outside of the shelter environment and time to bond with her special someone.

When it comes to other dogs, Gracie has shown to be non-reactive in the stressful environment and with loud barking dogs. And although it seems that Gracie has found away to walk on her hind left leg without problem, she does have an undetermined issue. The shelter isn't able to rule out whether it is an "old injury" that needs attention or a "congenital malformation," but she needs to see a vet to get it properly checked out. There has also been a lump found on her chest, also with an unknown diagnosis. Gracie needs helps!

Volunteers wrote, "This old gal isn't a kisser. She's more on the independent side. She comes when calls and likes her butt scratched. Gracie is friendly and likes people's company but she also loves to discover her surroundings. She will come over for pets for a minute and then off she goes. I did an eval on her and she did well. Gracie is a sweet dog and shows strong signs of being housebroken."

To adopt Gracie, please contact shelter volunteer Elaine at atchoo@EarthLink.net with animal ID# A4960276 for assistance.

The Baldwin Park Animal Shelter is located at 4275 Elton Street, Baldwin Park, CA.

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