Sep 24, 2016

I’m sure you know a lot of Animal Rescue Heroes in your community! Nominate that person to win $2,000 along with $500 to their favorite charity and the winning hero nominator also wins $500! It only takes a few minutes to nominate and tell us about your “Everyday Hero” on the Hero Network Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/heronetwork4u/


We are so excited to announce the Hero Network Contest! We want to provide you with the opportunity to nominate and tell us about someone who you feel is an “Everyday Hero”! The contest runs from 9/15/16 though 10/31/16! **Please watch the attached video!**

**Hero Network Contest Winner will be awarded $2,000!**
**Winning Heroes’ favorite charity will be awarded $500!**
**Nominator of Contest Winner (this could be you) will be awarded $500!**

The Contest Rules are listed in the “About” section of the Hero Network Facebook page. Examples of “Everyday Heroes” are contained in the Contest Rules; but the best part about this contest is that you can nominate anyone who you feel is your “Everyday Hero”!!

Please "Like" ✔ and "Share" ✔ the “Hero Network” Facebook Page and ✔ Tag” your Facebook Friends to help us spread this positive social movement!


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