'Bail money needed': 9 dogs rescued from high-kill shelter stuck in boarding

Mar 15, 2015


PLEASE READ! We posted this article we came across the other day and we saw there were a lot of concerns! We did some more research and we agreed with everyone's concerns HOWEVER these animals are in danger of being returned to the shelters where they will be met with sure death! We agree that this is a HORRIBLE and questionable situation however through no fault of their own and, from what we understand, "a rescue gone very, very bad with fosters backing out and/or returning the animals", these dogs in So Ca are doomed without help! What these animals really need is another reputable rescue(s) to move in and take over! There is a You Caring link for donations to help with boarding/vet fees HOWEVER I would strongly suggest, if you are so inclined, to pay directly to the Vets/boarding facilities that are posted in this fundraiser to buy them some time until another rescue(s) can step up to get them safely in their care! Throwing money at the problem is not really the LT solution, these animals need to be placed in a reputable rescue and HOMES ASAP! When you share this link, please note that what these sweet and innocent faces need most is a RESCUE(S) TO STEP IN! The rescue in question continues to update on the fundraising page and we have suggested they post ALL OF THE INVOICES that are due that they are claiming they need to keep these dogs in boarding! This is not about bailing out the rescue, IT IS ALL ABOUT GETTING THESE DOGS TO SAFETY! AGAIN, BOARDING IS KEEPING THEM ALIVE BUT IS NOT A LIFE FOR THESE ANIMALS! THEY NEED A PLACE TO GO! Thanks!


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