Jul 13, 2019

INDIGO NEEDS YOUR HELP! Doc believes him to be 12-13 years old and, bless his little heart, he is so confused and forlorn 😩 I promised him that he will only know love and kindness from this moment forward and he will never again be abandoned ❤️ I just cannot get his little frightened face out of my head as he buckled and fell knowing he was being abandoned 😩 The look he had on his face as he stared up at his owner who told him to “ calm down” 😩 The good news is Indigo is now SAFE and I promised him it only gets better from here ❤️

Indigo has a grade 3/6 heart murmur on both sides, his teeth are horrendous, many are broken😩 His ears are oozing with infection along with his skin, he appears to have some vision, though his pupils are quite small, and of course he is not neutered 😩 We have received an estimate of $523.26-$1,658.72 ( high end minus his immediate needs) to get him feeling better ❤️ We have received $375.00 which leaves us shy of $148.00 for his immediate care and a total of $1,283.00 for everything. His blood tests results will be in tomorrow and we will know more.

Please help us continue to help this sweet boy, no amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible ❤️

Indigo is in need of a loving foster in the So Ca area who will hold him and assure him he will never again be unloved or discarded ❤️ Please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com


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