Oct 23, 2019

It began as a dream, a wish, a desire, all I needed was a plan. After 8 years of seeing and rescuing animals in some of the worst medical conditions imaginable, I asked myself “ what if “. What if some of those animals were loved and what if their humans could not afford the high cost of medical care? What if the only solution they thought they had was to surrender their pets to a shelter in hopes someone could help them? Then finally I asked myself “ what if there was a better way, what if there was a place where people could afford to have their pets cared for at a low cost, what if Toby, you could find a way to help animals AND people, what if?”

After weeks and months of sleepless nights, stress, worry, doubt and frustration I developed a plan. A plan that would help animals stay in their homes and out of the shelters and at the end of a long and tiring journey, I brought together an amazing team, presented my plan and asked them “ what if” ?

Last night , after designs were created, medical equipment was ordered, contractors were bidding, we all watched and listened as that dream became a reality 🎉 Last night we finally placed the last piece of the puzzle in place, last night , through so many tears of joy, I watched our newest program, The Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. People, Helping People, Helping Paws, Low Cost Veterinary Clinic became a reality ❤️

I want to thank all of you for your continued love, support and donations over all of these years, thanks to all of you, LNPB will now be helping both animals and their humans. Thanks to all of you, LNPB will continue to give the Gift of Life and now Hope to all in need ❤️

A very special and heart felt thank you to my amazing son Frank Wisneski and the entire LNPB team, Missy Woodward, Sue Lehman, Catherine Beckmann and Kate McGuigan for helping this tired, old lady realize her dream and build a legacy that will help people and pets stay together ❤️ tw, LNPB

We invite you to grab your coffee, relax and listen in to witness that very magical moment which begins, ( keep scrolling after all the music,) the excitement and anticipation that happens at 3:24 , the moment our dream became a reality, the moment when, as a Village, we
made the impossible possible and moved that unmovable mountain ❤️ Let the Demolition begin ❤




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