Feb 29, 2020

It is not often that I am left speechless, today was one of those days 😩 Ash is a fighter, whoever or whatever attacked him, failed, he fought back and somehow managed to hold on. He is tired, he is worn out, he looks defeated HOWEVER he wants to be here, he wants to get better, he wants a chance to enjoy only the best that life has to offer and we are doing our best to make his wish come true 🙏

When I saw him I broke down, my heart breaks for him and the horror he has known, I cannot even imagine 😩 Ash has not let his experience taint him, he is very trusting, loving and is so grateful for the kindness and tenderness he knows today ❤️ His appetite is great, his will to live is strong, his body is so frail however his internal organs are failing him at this time 😩👍We are doing everything possible to help him and as the Doc said, “ it’s now up to him.” 24 hours at a time we are right beside him as we continue to raise our paws in prayer for the miracle he so deserves 🙏❤️ As long as he wants to keep on going, we will continue to keep on going with him ❤️🙏 Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers ❤️ tw, LNPB

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