May 4, 2013

It's a beautiful evening here and me and the pups have just come from our evening walk. They both so enjoy taking a little stroll in at night and even don't mind that every now and then I stop to gaze up at the evening stars. They truly have been such a comfort to me this week and somehow having them by my side eases whatever worries, fears or sadness comes my way. They truly are a gift and blessing in my life and just as they never miss an opportunity to let me know how much I am loved, I too never let a moment a pass by without letting them know and feel the same. The dust has finally settled here after a very long and sad week and as I kiss their cold, wet noses and thank them for their patience, understanding, support and most importantly their love, Alley and Chauncy both wag their tails and smother me with wet, sloppy kisses as if to say "we are always here for you mom". They are my dogs, my best friends and most importantly, my reason at times like this to keep smiling, and I love them. <3 tw, LNPB

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