Sep 22, 2017

IT'S $5.00 FRIDAY ( although Crowd Riser has a minimum donation amount of $10.00 )! DO YOU HAVE $5.00 TO SPARE TO HELP US CONTINUE TO HELP THEM ? <3

The RACE in on to help us continue to help them <3 Frank here and I am running the Long Beach Marathon on 10/8/17 as a fundraiser for Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. and I am hoping to raise $2500 to help us continue to help them! I am only $695.00 away from my goal and want to thank all who have donated already! If you would like to donate to my race, please go here: https://www.crowdrise.com/LeaveNoPawsBehind

Major, Carbon, and I run 5-6 times a week as I build up to running 26.2 miles. Todays run was 17.5 miles. The dogs love it, Major has been my running buddy for 6 years now, and Carbon, well, he uses these runs as a way to build up more energy for the rest of the day ;) Thank you everyone! https://www.crowdrise.com/LeaveNoPawsBehind

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