It's time to reflect as another year ends and a brand new one is on the horizon.

Dec 31, 2020

It's time to reflect as another year ends and a brand new one is on the horizon. As this year comes to an end it is a good time to say good bye and ring out the old, be thankful for the lessons you have learned and open your heart to welcome and embrace the new beginnings that await you. Take this time to Relax, Reflect, Reinvent, Rejuvenate and Rejoice in the blessings and gifts you received this year along with the tough lessons you have learned that helped you grow. Reflect on the old and anticipate with hope and joy that which lies ahead.

This has been a tough and sad year for all of us however this year has also seen so many miracles and happy endings for so many of our animals. As we begin to count down the end of 2020 tomorrow we will be highlighting some of the most amazing rescues which, in spite of a global pandemic that brought with it shut downs, we were able to witness. Yes this year has not been easy however we all stuck together and somehow plowed through it and came out on the other side. We lifted each other up, we supported each other, we laughed, we cried and most importantly, we were all here for each other when we needed each other the most.

This year has brought out the worst in so many people and yet here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc., we all never skipped a beat. I cannot express in mere words how all of you continue to restore my faith in the goodness and kindness of the human race every single day. In a year that has seen so much loss, hatred and despair, we all never gave up or stopped believing and together, paw in hand, we got through it. Together, one more time, we made the impossible possible and we moved that unmovable mountain. Together, all year long, we saved so many lives because we believe, no matter what, their life matters.

Tonight take a step back, breathe, and remember that thanks to your kindness, support and generous donations we managed to find the good in 2020. Thank you all for always holding my hand, for being there for each other and for all you do for the animals ❤ With my deepest respect, adoration and love, please stay safe, stay well and God bless ❤ tw, LNPB

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