Phoenix finds a Mommy and Brother, Chester!!

Jul 7, 2013

Just 30 short days ago I held and welcomed into my heart, this little, tiny, emaciated and abused little man. I kissed his little nose and promised him that nothing or no one was ever going to harm him again. He did not have a name, so I called him "Phoenix" and whispered to him over and over again " we are all here to help you rise above the ashes". I let him know that here at LNPB we were always only a heart beat away and that he had an entire Village of the most amazing and loving people praying and cheering him on. I can honestly say Phoenix gave me, as I am sure many of you as well, many a sleepless nights fraught with worry. I can also attest to the fact that through it all, he always remained so happy and grateful to be alive! He had a fighting spirit and a strong will and desire to live! Today, 30 days later, our little man has truly risen high above the ashes and I am THRILLED to announce he now has a place to call home FOREVER with the most amazing and loving mommy who is also a long time Villager! I want to thank this entire Village from the bottom of my heart, for all your prayers, support, donations and love because this little man would not be where he is today without all of you! Congratulations Baby Boy Phoenix, you are loved by so many and always remember that "Ms Toby is always only a heart beat away" <3 tw, LNPB

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