Nov 30, 2018

KRINGLE UPDATE! Oh bless his little heart, he is just waking up and seeing those pink elephants however Doc said he did great! That eye was hanging by a thread and floating all over inside and Doc said he has had no vision for awhile and it had to be so painful :-( It was all swollen and bloody in the socket, bless his little heart :-( Doc also said there were " old puncture wounds" around that area and to be honest, I cannot, nor do I want to know, how this all happened to this sweet little dog :-)

In spite of all of that has happened, Kringle is the sweetest and most loving little fella and the good news is he is now going to be pain free <3 This little guy is in need of a home for the Holidays in So Ca where he can continue to heal, please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com

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