Jan 9, 2022

Let's address the comments that have been made regarding one of our fosters caring for 12 dogs. While that is certainly not the norm at LNPB, it has happened. Many of our foster placements have been temporary as dogs await for more permanent foster assignments.

It should be known, that the person making these accusations against LNPB, had, at one point, 12 dogs, and currently has 7 housed in her small apartment in Los Angeles County. The foster caring for 12 dogs is not located in Los Angeles County, but in another Southern California county with different laws and has 1/4 acre of land and a huge home.

Nonetheless, as we posted in late December 2021, we were accountable for the dogs with the foster. We admitted we made a mistake in allowing that many dogs in one foster home. However many of these placements were temporary. In contrast, we were concerned and alarmed when we learned the temporary foster facility to which we were referred by the person making the claims, not only had more than 12 dogs, the facility had well over 25-50 dogs. We too have screen shots however we do not feel the need to share things that were said in confidence, nor wish to hinder anyone who helps save animals.

While this may be common in rescue for temporary placement, it is not how LNPB operates and treats its animals. We perform home checks before placing any of our animals, unless we are faced with an emergency situation as here. Nonetheless, the foster herself personally saw to it that the dogs made their medical checkups, were well-fed, and cared for. The unexpected medical issues she suffered were resolved in October.

We appreciate your concerns and thank you for your support.

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