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Jul 24, 2013

LNPB IS PAYING IT FORWARD! Tina and Rita from Rita's Grooming are absolute angels right here on earth! They do so much for our rescues here at LNPB and have the kindest hearts and so much love to give for all animals! This lil munchkin was brought into the shop in horrid condition and they did not hesitate to take it to East Valley Veterinary Clinic/Mark Hohne DVM and told them to do whatever it takes to help! Here at LNPB we would like to pay it forward and help them for all they do for the animals! We are joining paws with The Joy In My Heart Foundation to help raise funds to help them with the vet bills and find a loving home. I will be going to the vets soon to take more pics and find out what is needed to help them! You can call the vets directly to donate at 818-767-7116 and tell them it is for the "Ritas Grooming medical" or donate here at LNPB noting it is for the Ritas Grooming rescue. Please help us continue to help them for all they do for the animals! tw, LNPB

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