Jan 8, 2022


Leave No Paws Behind is shocked and dismayed at a recent posting on social media. Here, we address the issues raised in the post and concerns that have been voiced.

It has come to our attention that a former volunteer who worked with us for seven years, has made and continued to make unfounded and unsupported accusations about an occurrence with another volunteer. Sadly, an unfortunate incident that occurred in October 2021 with the foster affecting her personal circumstances
The facts of the incident were never hidden from the LNPB community except to protect the foster and her personal, private information. Rather, we are always as transparent as the law allows, and were in these circumstances as well. Our foremost concern was providing immediate help to our foster dogs, while assisting our foster who found herself with a serious medical condition that raised family concerns. Our initial reaction was one of shock and disappointment that we had not been advised of these issues affecting our dogs. We immediately took action to rectify the situation for the animals and the people involved.

We learned of the situation from a friend of our foster. That friend told us of emergency medical situation the foster was suffering and had been for a few days. This is when we found out the situation critical than what we had been told was the case by our foster. We learned that our foster had hidden that she had been incapacitated, not merely ill, and had alerted no one, including LNPB, for several days. We understand she was eventually hospitalized. As those of us who are older know, when we faced with injuries and illnesses, we may become fearful of losing our independence and ability to control our lives, including the ability to enjoy what we like and are good at – such as fostering and caring for dogs. Our foster found herself in this situation, and rather than reaching out to LNPB, she contacted her friend for help. Fortunately, the friend called us and we reacted immediately. We removed our animals from the foster’s home, medically evaluated them, ensured they were provided nutrition and water, and placed them as we could. Because this was an emergency, we simply did not have enough foster homes to place all the animals.

We then went into immediate action to remove the animals and place them in safe foster care. Due to this being an emergency, we did not have time to secure enough foster homes.
The person making claims in social media against LNPB offered to find a temporary foster facility to house the dogs immediately. With her assistance, we were then able to secure 5 foster homes, leaving 7 dogs in the care of the temporary foster facility. Eventually, we were able to place all the dogs with fosters through our caring and responsive community. Sadly, after a thorough examination and great medical care, three seniors died– one who had been suffering with dementia, one who had cancer and one who was the end of her life.

All animals were given a complete physical and evaluation and found to be stable and in good medical condition, consistent with their regular monthly and sometimes weekly visits. We simply had no need for concern that the animals’ health was compromised. When the dogs were taken from the foster’s home, we placed their medications in a bag, sorted them out, and ensured that each dog had the proper medication.

Once our foster completed her physical rehabilitation, and, with the agreement of her family, we decided that two of our older dogs she had fostered for over 6 years should return to her as hers was the only true home they knew.

With this decision made by LNPB, the person making the claims decided on 11/22/2021 that she no longer wanted to volunteer for LNPB. She requested to adopt the four dogs she was fostering for LNPB and we agreed. We appreciated her years of service and support, thanked her, wished her well and congratulated her on the adoptions.

As part of its ongoing evaluation and re-evaluation of its foster and adoption program, LNPB decided to transition and close our forever foster program. With this decision, LNPB offered to have our fosters adopt the animals already in their care, many who had cared for the dogs for long periods of time (some 5-6 years). Future medical care at the LNPB clinic was also part of the adoption agreement.

LNPB has operated successfully for more than ten years. In that time, we have encountered difficult and unusual situations. Everyone, whether the initial rescue of an animal from a terrible life-threatening situation to assisting foster caregivers with vacation coverage and medical services. Foremost is the ensuring the well-being of each animal entrusted to our care. This is and always will be our number one priority. We also care deeply for our foster families. In this unique case, we did the best we could as quickly as possible for all involved.

Hyperbole, embellishment, and skewing or misstating the facts cannot help you understand everything that happened in October or all the steps we took. While this is just a brief overview, we hope this has addressed any questions or concerns you may have had about what actually occurred in this one case.
Leave No Paws Behind strives to be transparent, as it must as a true non-profit organization, showing invoices and receipts, stating when funds are fully raised for an animal in need, and the like. We even announced when this incident happened and acknowledged that we had a difficult situation we were working to rectify to the best of our ability.

We will continue our programs to help Seniors and their families, and we hope you will continue to follow and assist us in our mission to continue to help them. Thank you. tw ,LNPB

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