Gone but NOT Forgotten 26

Apr 28, 2013

♥ღ ☼ ♥ *SWEETY. ღ ☼♥¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸....NEEDS A HERO TONIGHT!
Charming and precious, SWEETY is a lovely young lady who reminds me of the little ditty “sugar and spice and all things nice”!, writes a MACC volunteer. "Initially a bit shy, it takes a few moments of quiet time before she’s ready to engage in some fun. But when she does, Sweety is all about play, scampering about, flinging her plush toy in the air with pure delight. In fact, she's so absorbed in her play that she seems like a puppy when she takes a play position and starts to nibble on my shoe laces! And, even more like a puppy when, after being told a firm “No”, she rolls over for a rewarding belly rub! Sweety might have joined us as a stray, but her lovely grooming and obedience suggests that she was a well-cared for family pet not too long ago. She responds like a champ to various commands including “sit”, “paw”, “stay” and “down” which turns into an invitation for more belly rubs! She’s likely housetrained, taking care business immediately once outside; she also greets other dogs stopping by her playpen with easy swings of her tail. At the park, Sweety is an angel on leash, walking with stylish poise and taking only slight notice of other dogs encountered on the path. She is also a picture of quiet repose when we take a moment of rest, taking treats gently from my hand and placing her paws softly on my lap, only after an invitation. So, come meet this wonderful girl – no "snails" or other boyish things here, although she does have a “puppy dog tail” - and a whole bunch of charm! TONIGHT IS THE ONLY CHANCE that Sweety has because in the morning she will be gone. Don't let this Sweety girl die alone, unloved and frightened. Help me help her to her safety walk and not the throes of death at 6 a.m.


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