Oct 7, 2018

MARLEY EVENING UPDATE! Pneumonia is a beast and we will not stop until we knock it down! We will be transferring Marley too Critical Care for the evening to continue all night treatments and observation. We are pulling out all the stops and we just need Marley to keep fighting. She is not feeling well, is weak HOWEVER her spirit remains strong, we even get little limp tail wags. She knows we are here to help her and we need her to turn that corner. Her Temp is 102..4 and we will be feeding her again very soon. This poor dog came to us on death's door and we are going to keep on keeping on until she turns that corner! Her condition remains guarded and she has a long way to go HOWEVER we are going to be with her every step of the way. All paws remain raised in prayer <3 You can this Marley, you have a whole Village pulling for you <3 tw, LNPB


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