Oct 5, 2018

MARLEY NEEDS YOUR HELP! WE ARE ONLY $275.00 AWAY FROM REACHING OUR GOAL to continue to help sweet Marley <3

She is very sick, she is very young, she is very sweet and we received the emergency SOS that she was scheduled to be euthanized at the shelter at 3:00 PM 10/05/18 :-( Well that all changed when the Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. Freedom Ride rolled up in the 11th hour to give this very grateful animal the Gift of Life <3

Doc says she is so sweet, so gentle and oh so shy ❤ She has a temperature of 102.9, green gook coming out of her eyes, her breathing is very shallow, she has " fly strikes" on her ears , she is of course quite skinny and sadly she has very significant pneumonia 😞 I am posting a view of a normal chest x ray and then Marley's, this poor girl has been left unattended for awhile 😞 The good news is she is now starting very aggressive treatment and Doc says once we get over the hump, she should be fine ❤ Today this sweet, beautiful, young and loving dog who was scheduled to die has just been granted A New Leash On Life by Leave No Paws Behind ❤️

We have received an estimate of $1,251.37-$1,754.99 which includes blood work, fecal , Urinalysis. x rays, follow up x rays, IV fluids and hospital stay. Please help us continue to help her, we have received $500.00 and are still shy $1,255.00 from the high end which will be needed we are sure. No amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible ❤ tw, LNPB


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