Oct 7, 2018

MARLEY SUNDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE! Marley- 2, Broncopneumonia - 0 !!!! Her temp is 101, she inhaled all the boiled chicken our fosters delivered and is sitting up! She is still guarded however we are still going in the right direction! ❤ All paws remain raised in prayer ❤ We are TEAM LNPB Marley Strong ❤

SPECIAL REQUEST from VMD Missy Achhenbach of The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks ! " Toby can you ask your followers who live around TPD if anyone can drop off boiled or roasted chicken for Marley " ! If you live near by and can help us out with the Docs request, please let us know! They are closed today from 12:30-1:30! Thanks!

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