Oct 7, 2018

MARLEY SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE! Well, well, well look who is a sight for some very tired and sore eyes this morning ❤️ Doc said she was a bit fiesty this morning, she chewed out her catheter and was giving them a hard time when they were trying to take her temperature 😂😂😂 We will take a little fiestiness 😂😂😂 Her temp is 102 and she ate some chicken! Her condition is still “ guarded” however we are “ trending up “ ❤️ All paws remain raised in prayer ❤️ You can do it Marley, it only gets better from here ❤️ Marley 1- Broncopneumonia 0 ❤️ All paws remain raised in prayer 🙏 We are not giving up Marley, we are all here and we have you covered, we can beat this Broncopneumonia together, paw in hand 😄 We remain team LNPB Marley strong ❤️

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