Oct 8, 2018

MARLEY SUNDAY NIGHT UPDATE! MARLEY - 4, BRONCOPNEUMONIA - 0 !!!! Marley, though she still remains guarded, is getting up, walking around, being a bit bad about having her temperature taken and has a lot more pep in her step! She inhaled a whole chicken and is eating like a champ! If she continues to do as well as she is doing right night, they will begin oral medications and can remove the catheter! 48 hours ago she was scheduled to be euthanized, she was so sick, emaciated and we had no idea if she would even make it to our vets. Well as sick as Marley was, she has a strong will to live, and thanks to the amazing, skilled and life saving VMD Missy Achenbach and the entire staff at The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks, this girl has turned a small corner and we will take it ❤

I will be visiting with her tomorrow and I will remind her once again how much she is loved, she will never again be alone, she has an entire village cheering her on and most importantly, I will give her a big hug and let her know just how much her life matters ❤ From the bottom of my heart I want t thank everyone who has donated to help us continue to her and for all the chicken deliveries 😄 You all restore my faith in the human race every single day ❤ Thank you all for your continued love and support here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. and for all you do for the animals ❤ tw, LNPB All paws remain raised in prayer as we remain LNPB Marley Strong <3

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