Oct 6, 2018

MARLEY UPDATE! Marley remains in " guarded condition" and the next 24-48 hours are critical to her recovery. Her temperature has spiked to 104.3 and the doc has switched her antibiotics from Ampicillin to Unasyn which is more potent! We are hoping that when the fever breaks she will begin to eat! They have also added on Steam Therapy to break up the mucus ( nebulization and coupage ) as we are making every attempt to tame the beast known as Pneumonia 😞 Doc says she was a little cheerier this morning and she remains on IV fluids and in ICU where she continues to be monitored. Our amazing team of fosters that are close to The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks are busy today delivering boiled chicken/ground turkey and white rice in an attempt to jump start her appetite ❤

Marley is in the best of care and receiving the best medical treatment, Please keep this sweet dog in your thoughts and prayers as the next 24-48 hours are very critical 😞 VMD Missy Achenbach told me " I LOVE this dog and would take her home in a heart beat if I could " ❤ YOU CAN DO THIS MARLEY, we are all here right beside you, Team LNPB is #MARLEYSTRONG

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