Jan 16, 2014

My name is PENELOPE. My Animal ID # is A0988942.
I am a female br brindle and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 3 YEARS old.
What can be done to help your dog: TREAT HER WELL. That was the parting words of Penelope's previous owner as he dropped her off at the shelter. Penelope is a sweet girl who gets along with strangers and children, she LOVES to play, another bit of information her previous owner stated as he dropped her off. Penelope even knows a few commands. But all of that talent will not save Penelope, you see she made the dreaded Kill List tonight.
YOU CAN ADOPT PENELOPE RIGHT NOW!!! She is available on the ACC website. A $50 deposit with a credit card is needed. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST GET TO THE SHELTER YOURSELF WITHIN 48 HOURS TO COLLECT. Also, YOU MUST RESERVE BEFORE 12 noon, after which the dogs are taken out of their website. Please Do It Now!!!
► ► ► ► http://www.nycacc.org/PublicAtRisk.htm ◀ ◀ ◀ ◀

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