Nov 7, 2018

November is Adopt/Foster a senior month and THIS is why we continue to do what we do all year long here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. hand in hand with the most amazing and loving human angel fosters ❤ Please consider opening your heart and home to foster or adopt a senior and save two lives, yours and theirs ❤ You help us give them the gift of life and in return you receive thier gift of unconditional love and gratitude ❤ #fosterssavelives #theirlifmatters #feelthelove #tissuealert #whorescuedwho

Our loving foster writes : " When Toby was first rescued by LNPB I remember reading his shelter description and it said “grumpy old man.” Within a couple weeks time he went from having two painful bulging eyes with minimal sight, to complete removal of both eyes. He was stitched up and half shaven and in a cone. His appearance made fosters feel bad for him but also nervous about taking him on, myself included. My wife and I watched the posts about his progress and knew that he had been living at the pet doctors for a few weeks. I couldn’t stand the idea of that any longer. I called Toby and said I wanted him to stay with us but only until someone came along willing to take him on long term. When he got to our home, he growled and nipped at everything. He was a little vicious and afraid of the world as he knew it now, without sight. I was scared FOR him and a little scared OF him. But little by little and day by day, he started to trust me. He let me hold him and his grumpiness became a little more predictable and a little less scary. I was afraid that no one else would understand him the way I do. I didn’t want him to have to leave and learn to trust all over again or worry that someone else may not have the patience for his mood swings. He had to stay, that’s the only thing that made sense. It’s been over a year and he’s not the same dog. He’s still grumpy and rude but that’s just him. He’s not mean and he actually loves to give love now. He’s a sloppy wet kisser if you let him be. He waits for me to pick him up the minute I walk thru the door, incessantly barking until he gets what he wants. Then lathers me with kisses until it gets gross and I make him stop. All is right in his world when I am holding him. He feels secure and safe and knows I’m his person. He’s so good for my soul, even when that means I have to hold him while I eat my dinner. I know he won’t live forever, as he has a progressing cough from the mass on his lung, and it just makes me take in every moment with him. I hate that we didn’t get years of this kind of love together, but the time we’ve had so far has changed everything. When I first told my mom about him she said how sad it was that he had both eyes removed and why wouldn’t they just let him go peacefully. To her that made sense. But when you see him jumping around, playing with the other dogs, getting belly rubs or excited about his dinner or how he could run on a leash... he proves that being alive isn’t about sight. He had so much more life left in him. He’s a character!! He literally sleeps sideways across my belly at night when I sleep.
Fostering is everything. Giving them a gift, is a gift right back! Just wanted to share because I have a love for this guy that I would’ve never expected in a million years.
#TobyTheTeddyBear " <3

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