Team Leave No Paws Behind

Oct 6, 2014

OCTOBER 18TH IS NOT THAT FAR AWAY AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! WE CAN DO THIS! WE ARE NOW 67% OF THE WAY THERE! IF ONLY 325 OUR ALMOST 63k PLUS VILLAGERS WOULD CLICK ON THE LINK AND DONATE $10.00 EACH, WE CAN REACH OUR GOAL!!! PLEASE HELP US CONTINUE TO HELP THEM! We have a goal of $10,000.00 as we get ready to Race For The Rescue in just a few short weeks on October 18th! Everyday we Race to Rescue our wise and caring seniors here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. because their life matters and they do not deserve to die alone and wondering on a cold shelter floor! All donations that are raised for Team Leave No Paws Behind will come directly to us to help us continue to help them! PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK TO DONATE! No amount is to small and all amounts will help us continue to help so many more!

ALL DONATIONS RECEIVED FOR TEAM LEAVE NO PAWS BEHIND HELP US CONTINUE TO HELP THEM! Here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. everyday is a Race To The Rescue for our wise and loving seniors that have been surrendered to the shelters to die by the only humans they ever loved. They give up and lose all hope of ever leaving the cage they are now forced to call home and because they are sick and "seniors", they are the 1st in line to be killed to make room for so many more! More oft than not we are racing against the clock to help them in the 11th hour because their life matters! Please find in your heart to help us continue to help them as we "Race For The Rescues" on October 18th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Ca! The clock is winding down and we are only 4 weeks away and need your help!!!! Please, join the team, donate and share, share, share!

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