Feb 7, 2019

” HOWLROOOOOOOO!!! Did you forget where the kitchen was? Let me show you the way !” Oh I feel so bad for him and have another 2 hours of “ Hey did you forget to feed me ?!“ lip service 😩 He is really working me this AM 😩 He just does not want to hear “ you are having sugery in a few hours and doc said no food “, from me 😂

We have reached our goal to help him and a huge and heart felt “ thank you” to everyone who donated to help us continue to help Rambo ❤️ He will have his blood panel, his teeth cleaned and any teeth that need to be extracted along with that broken canine 😩 He is slated for 8 AM and I will scoop him up later this afternoon after the pink elephants have gone 😄 All
Paws raised in prayer for this big boy who has so captured all of hearts 🙏❤️

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