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Jul 19, 2013

One of our Villagers had a great idea and so far we have raised $2,365.00 in donations to help with our on going medical care! Can you imagine if only 2500 of our almost 27,000 Villagers donated just $5.00 each!!!! Thank you all for your continued love and support and for all you do for the animals!

Our Villager, Carol Vooght had the following idea! "Hello all and I have an IDEA! I support a few other animal non-profits too. Here's the deal; Why not ask your 26,485 followers to donate JUST $2.50 EACH? That will ad up to your $10,000 bill for June and July! Let's say 1/2 of those @ 13, 243 followers donate; $5.00 that will STILL do the trick! Just do a post and ask for ALL to donate JUST $2.50 OR $5.00 and provide the link where they can easily donate and within a FEW days you WILL have ALL you need! You MAY have to post it 3 times PER DAY, for 2-3 days but IT WILL WORK! I have seen it happen SO many times! So, give it a try and let's see your link to donate as I'm ready........ :) FB followers are THE BEST! You'll see........ :)" Hmmmmm ok Villagers let's give it a try!!!

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