Oct 3, 2018

URGENT FOSTER NEEDED FOR OUR BONDED PAIR! Sadly we received this e mail this morning : " Toby, I don’t know how to say this but I can’t foster the dogs. My house is not in appropriate shape for them with all the construction going on. I realize it now. I just wanted to help you so much and I screwed up. I feel terrible because I want to do it and I know your need is great. Please forgive me." PLEASE, PLEASE help us continue to help this very bonded pair together! Poor Lady suffers with end stage renal failure, she is 18 years old and Doc tells us her health and mental capacity is starting to wane :-( If you are in the So Ca area and are serious about opening your heart and home to help us continue to help them, please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com

Lady is a hospice care foster and sadly does not have much time however we would for her to have a loving and peaceful home with her Diamond for whatever time we are blessed with her <3 Please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com

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