Aug 23, 2018

People ask me all the time how I can do what I do day after day and not get angry with the entire human race ! Well first of all I do not blame the entire human race for the abuse and neglect that we see everyday HOWEVER you can rest assure that I will be speaking with the shelter tomorrow to open an abuse and cruelity case for sweet Trixie Blue 😩 Whoever allowed this to happen to this sweet and innocent dog is a sub human monster 😡 I spoke with the doc in great length about her tonight and when I post her update here in a bit I guarantee that you are all going to be as angry as I am right now!! I also will make sure that IF an owner should appear that they will never see this dog again! This entire village will become HER VOICE and together we can and will make that happen!!! Stay tune for updates and estimates for both Dougie and sweet Trixie Blue ❤️🙏 tw, LNPB