Oct 12, 2021

PEPPER NEEDS YOUR HELP! I saw a plea this morning of a woman needing help for her beloved dog IMMEDIATELY! Her name is Pepper, she is about 2 years old and her mommy said she noticed Pepper was not feeling well so she took her to an ER hospital. X rays would reveal she had something lodged in her abdomen but they were not sure what is was. They told her the cost was going be anywhere from $4-5K and possibly more to remove! Her mommy just broke down in tears and of course the options were to euthanize or find her another home 💔 When I spoke to the woman she was in tears and to be honest, she had me almost in tears right with her. They rescued Pepper as a pup at a time when they thought they were not going to be able to have any children. Well miracles happen every day and they shortly after discovered they were about to become parents to a little boy ❤

Fast forward to the last 24 hours where mom was hysterical thinking her only options were to euthanize her dog or surrender her to a rescue or shelter so she could get the care she needed 💔💔 She told me Pepper is her " daughter "and helped her get through so many difficult times and the mere thought of not having her was too much to bear 💔

Well when she finally calmed down I told her to take some deep breathes, relax, get something to eat and we would see her in a few hours when she can take her little furry girl home ❤

I built the Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic because I believe NO PET PARENT should ever have to choose between life and death for their beloved animal due to lack of funds for high medical care. To hear this woman break down in tears and tell me she was on her knees in gratitude told me all I needed to know ❤ I love that we can help families and pets stay together ❤️

We did the emergency surgery today for $1,223.83 and she is going to apply for Care Credit however we are going to help her as much as we can. If you can help us help Pepper and her mommy, no amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible ❤


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