Jul 29, 2013

Perhaps the answer to a No Kill Nation lies simply in the humanity of the human race. Perhaps if those that believe an animal is "not adoptable" or "treatable" should spend more time searching deep within their soul for a spark of compassion and spend some time with a lost and lonely senior who wants nothing more than to be loved, or better yet, visit LNPB's seniors who were all deemed "unadoptable and untreatable". I will never understand the logic or the thinking of those that discard and write off these beautiful souls however what I do know is that as long as they exist we will continue to do what we do right here at LNPB. If a "No Kill Nation" means that we protect only the so called "treatable and adoptable" and discard and dispose of the old, the sick and the disabled, what does that say about who we are as a human race? While I agree there does come a time when a sick or dying animal does need to be released from suffering, however they do not deserve to die alone or wondering and they certainly do not deserve to leave us on a cold shelter floor. "No Kill Nation" you say? Perhaps they all need to go back to the drawing board and learn the real definition of "No Kill" or change their mission and motto to "No Kill only if they are healthy". <3 tw, LNPB

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