- SAFE 28- 3/22/13 - 4/6/13

Apr 5, 2013

Please help COPLEY!
SENIOR ALERT ♥ Updated information on adorable Copley ♥ Per the pound: "Update 3/23: Copley's nails were trimmed, and he is walking much better. He is being treated for a urinary tract infection. He comes to life after being outside for a while, and for the first time he seemed to enjoy the touch of a volunteer's hand. Copley probably won't adapt to pound life, this dog is depressed in his cage, and lays curled up on his bed. Copley doesn't bother to sit at his door, he has given up on his family coming for him. He doesn't seem to care about eating either. I hope someone can help this dear dog, he has such a gentle side, and his eyes seem to tell a story of sadness. Don't give up Copley, we care"


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