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Jun 17, 2012

PLEASE HELP "LUTHER"!! We need help for a pit bull puppy being kept by a homeless person who bragged that he stole the puppy. A concerned citizen (witness) posted a plea on Craigslist, one of our community members informed us about it and we started networking him.

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=323616671049928 -- this is the photo snapped discreetly -- we have detailed account with the photo.

We've decided to call this puppy LUTHER since he's currently hidden in a mobile home in the lot of the Central Lutheran Church of Van Nuys ELCA (corner of Victory Blvd and Tyrone St). Luther killed a cat on Tuesday and Animal Control was called and said they'll come back after they determined the cause of death. Since then he is hidden in a hot trailer home. This sweet young dog is being treated and trained aggressively, but is still sweet enough to be confused, and does NOT deserve to be killed if taken by Animal Control, or to be with this "owner."

One of our "monster" friends went to the location last night and told us this:

"I just got back from checking out LUTHER's situation in Van Nuys, CA. LUTHER's "owner" in question is a Hispanic male by the name of Raphael. He is also a member of a Latin gang. Evidently, he has a pretty bad rep. He also has a PREGNANT girlfriend by the name of Patty. They are homeless and have been for quite sometime. Because of Raphael's gang affiliation, you can understand why the concerned citizen is hesitant."

We reached out to humane investigators and was told that there needs to be "legal" proof the dog is stolen or mistreated or all of the reports are considered hearsay and would not be allowed to be entered in a criminal proceeding. As you know, calling Animal Control or police without proof will not result in anything, unless you have a personal connection to have them come and scan Luther to see if there is a chip (missing dog flyers matching his description was seen around Studio City a few weeks ago).

As to offering money to "buy" Luther off Raphael, it is certainly an option but besides raising the money (we pledge $100), we need to have a plan lined up to keep him somewhere until his rightful owner is found (if he has a chip) or a new forever family. Definitely will need a local rescue to get involved or someone willing to provide temporary housing until Luther can find a forever home. Ace Chang said he can house Luther for 2 weeks but then we need to find another place -- which we will have no problem networking for.

But we need someone who is brave enough to take Luther away from Raphael (legally) and keep him safe. Can you help? Or do you have any other suggestions as what's the better course of action? Thank you so much!!

Hang in there, Luther!

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