PRICELESS ❤️ “ Can you come out and play”?

Feb 6, 2020

PRICELESS ❤️ “ Can you come out and play”? Alfie’s blood work was great today and now we will begin to integrate all the pups for some mild play time ❤️ The process is slow because Alfie, as much as he would like too, due to his ongoing medical, is not allowed vigorous play until his leg heals and of course the biggest worry is his spleen 😩 Doc told me she does not want him around “ big dogs”, and even though Rambo is a gentle giant, he waves those long legs around and thinks he is no bigger than his head 😂😂😂😂

He loves and protects both the little fellas and does not realize he could hurt them 😩 Pops is more then ready for a play mate however Alfie is not quite ready for the “ Popcornian Express” 😂😂😂 For now when Alfie gets his mommy time, the two boys take a time out ❤️ It is actually the cutest thing to watch and Rambo and Pops don’t mind sharing mom at all ❤️

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