Mar 16, 2020


"We understand everyone has concerns and are trying to keep their families safe and healthy from the Covid-19 virus (aka Coronavirus). Many people are attempting to stop the spread of the virus by rigorously cleaning and sanitizing everything that they can. However, everyone should be aware that not all cleaning and disinfecting products are safe for our furry family members.

Not all disinfecting products are pet friendly. Many products ending in -sol (Lysol, Pine Sol, etc) contain a chemical called phenol which can cause liver damage in pets. Lysol gives off potentially volatile organic compounds in its vapor. Additionally, if your pet licks or ingests Lysol, it can cause serious chemical burns in the tongue or upper esophagus. Please be mindful as you disinfect your homes and keep the health of your animal companions in mind too. If you must use these products, wipe down surfaces with water after disinfecting to remove residue from the surface before your pet comes in to contact with it."

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