SAFE 100!!!!

Jan 19, 2014

RAD (A0989289)
A volunteer writes: “When I was young and lived in California the word "rad" meant much higher praise than 'awesome' or 'cool'. So, let me tell you that Rad is 'rad'!!! He's a gorgeous fellow in a well taken care of caramel color coat, he is nicely groomed and fit, someone must have loved and cared for him very much at one time. Rad is housetrained, peeing enough to raise the Hudson River by 5 inches as soon as we were out the door! He initially didn't seem to want to put a raincoat on, he thought he was way too cool to wear one, but once outside and got a glimpse of the rain he was happy that he was dressed for the occasion. Pulling on the leash in his excitement to explore the world and meet and greet everyone he comes in contact with, Rad's tail never stops wagging. I bet he would be a great host at anny party, greeting and making every guest feel like they were the only one in the room and oh so special. He posed for photos like a pro, making wonderful eye contact (look at those gorgeous eyes), and as soon as my hand reached into my bag he sat expectantly knowing a treat was coming. Smart boy! Rad has a nice energy about him, friendly, sweet and affectionate. He waited so patiently as I spoke with another staff member on the street, standing quietly by my side waiting until it was time to move on. Other volunteer comments on his kennel card include "sweet", "playful and puppyish" "great dog". I have to agree! He's an awesome dog waiting for his new family to meet him.” How much more do you need to hear before you are convinced this is the perfect dog for you?? You would be the envy of everyone on your block to be seen with such a cool guy. But Rad has made the kill list tonight, so without help he will surely not make it to see the light of day tomorrow. This cannot be the end of the road for Rad, he has too much left to do on this earth. Don’t let the shelter be the last place Rad calls home. He is such an amazing dog you can reserve him online until 11:59am tomorrow morning, after that you will need the help of a rescue. But don’t wait until the last moment, reserve Rad now. If not, his new home will be the GONE FOLDER.

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