Rambo's rescue and recovery has been nothing short of miraculous!

Jun 26, 2020

Rambo's rescue and recovery has been nothing short of miraculous! Rambo was abandoned to the very same shelter he had been adopted from as a young dog on 6/26/2017. His human said he could not afford the tests yet alone the treatment Rambo needed and requested, after 9 years, Rambo be put to sleep.

I happened to see his photo and post on that fateful day after I received several urgent requests to help. Now Rambo was not going to be easy, he was obviously in horrendous condition, big and to make matters worse, the shelter claimed he was " cranky" and that none of the staff could get near him and he was scheduled to die. There was something about Rambo that kept tugging at my heart and I knew if there was anyway I could help save him, I was going to try. I did not have a lot of time, he mere hours away from death so I had to work fast! I asked shelter medical to please give him one more chance. She told me that she herself would go into his kennel and try to give him his vaccinations AND the rest my friends is history.

June 26, 2017 Rambo's life and, unbeknownst to me, mine changed forever. Rambo would go on to spend 7 1/2 months in the hospital under the care of VMD Missy Achenbach AND when she reached out to DVM John Angus of the Pasadena Dermatology Hospital, he very quickly donated his services to help. Rambo had the worst case of Pemphigus he, or anyone, had ever seen and he told us that most people would have him put to sleep due to the extent and cost of treatment. Well we were not " most people" and we decided to move forward and try to help

Rambo got worse before he got better and eventually lost every bit of fur he had and they told us the majority of his fur would more then likely never grow back. Well Rambo fooled us all! His will to live was amazing and the gratitude he had for his gift of life and love was amazing! Today, 3 years later, a dog that was very ill, scheduled to die, given little to no hope of recovery or remission, is not only very much alive, he is is also living the dream right here at LNPB. Rambo's story and journey was one of the main inspirations for the now LNPB Low Cost Clinic ! So sit back, look back and watch how Rambo went from sure death and little chance of recovery, to still enjoying his gift of life and love 3 years later! We never gave up on him and he never gave up on us! Thank you to everyone who donated to help Rambo, he is celebrating 3 amazing years thanks to all of you! tw, LNPB

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