Jan 1, 2020

RANT! I am so sorry to rant right now HOWEVER trust me, this is not how we wanted to spend New Years Day 😩 Alfie came to us in this condition, and the Doctors are doing EVERYTHING in their power to help him!

To those whose main concern is Alfie’s cone please know if he didn’t need it, it would not be on! If he could get by with a softer cone don’t you think we would have one on him??? How quickly people forget about the nasty, crusty, bleeding sores on his back 😩 He has a bleeding disorder, if he chews at those sores and open them up he could bleed to death 😞

This is a very stressful time for all of us, please know that the cone is on for a reason. Know that Alfie is receiving the best of care, he is on steroids and a host of other medications. He is under the care of the best doctors and specialists! Please, I try to update his status very often and explain as clearly as I can his current situation as we are all concerned about Alfie’s possible fatal condition. He needs your thoughts and prayers, not concerns about his cone 😩 I sit and wait by the phone and when I see the hospital or our vets private number, my heart goes in my throat 😩 Our Doctors , who go above and beyond to help our rescues, read these post, so please try to be respectful! END OF RANT 😩

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