Sep 26, 2019

RANT! I don’t do it often however this has been a rough day and a rough month 😩 We went to the specialist today and the waiting room was beautiful and immaculate, it warmed my heart to see there were a few fur moms and dads in there worrying and taking care of their beloved pets ❤️ The tech came out to take Maya back and when he saw her he stepped back a second and said “ OMG you poor dog “ 😩 The reality is that most Vet offices are not use to seeing the animals we rescue and it is shocking and heartbreaking to say the least 💔

When the Doc was finished we were placed in the consultation room and the first thing she asked me was “ what is this poor dog’s history?” Sadly I had no answer and told her we rescued Maya from the shelter days ago in this condition 😩 She was shocked and saddened and she was so loving with Maya, I could hear her voice crack as we were talking 😩

She went on to explain Maya’s prognosis and when she told us “ it takes years for a tumor to grow this size”, I was mortified 😩 Sadly Maya’s cancer spread into her bones, her chest and her skull. That tumor had a life of it’s own and was hard and filled with boney slivers and, though I expected what she was about to say, my heart sank when she said “sadly it is inoperable” 😩

We will spare you all of the gory and devastating reasons why, and to be honest, I wish I could have been spared them as well. I was sickened, sad and I could slowly feel the anger and rage building up inside. She went on to explain the excruiating pain this dog has been in, yet to spend time with Maya, you would have never known, she was so sweet, yet there was a noticeable sadness in her eyes 😩 I started to say “ if this were my dog”, then stopped and simply stated “ this would never be my dog, I would never have allowed this to happen”, to which she gently responded “ exactly “ 💔

I try so hard not to judge, today however I was sad, hurt and angry and wondered who could ever allow an animal to suffer like this for years! How could anyone sit back and watch that tumor grow and do nothing?!?! Even if they could not afford care, why not surrender to a shelter before it got this bad so someone could help?!?! WHY? I mean they knew about shelters, yet they waited until she was at the end of her life and beyond help. WHY?? Then I calmed down and thought perhaps they could not afford her care or the cost to PTS 😩

I will never really know HOWEVER this is what I do know! When our clinic opens and someone comes in with an animal like Maya, we will not chastise them, we are there to help both pets and humans, we will counsel and console and we will not let any animal continue to suffer like Maya did nor turn them away for lack of means to care for them. One of the main reasons I insisted, and we are building the “ Rainbow Bridge Room” is for animals like Maya and those at the end of their life so in the end we can allow their humans to be with them and give them a proper and loving good bye.

My heart breaks on a daily basis, we see so much suffering and pain and at times it is unbearable 💔 I am hoping and praying that when we open and people learn there is another way other then allowing a pet to suffer or die at a shelter, we can in some small way, save so many other Maya’s from knowing pain and suffering 💔 I have to believe there is a better way, and LNPB is soon going to bring hope to those in need and perhaps, just perhaps, we can make a small difference to a family in need and their pet ❤️ END OF RANT 😩

Tonight I am gonna hug mine a little tighter, hold them a little closer because they are my dogs, a true blessing in my life, and I love them ❤️ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angels Alley and Chauncy, mommy loves and misses you so ❤️

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