Jan 10, 2019

RANT! WARNING THE VIDEO IS SO DISTURBING AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNSEE OR UNHEAR WHAT IS ON IT! Read the nightmare story instead and that alone will make your blood boil!

To those of you who use " chain store APP dog walkers" PLEASE, PLEASE do so with the utmost of care OR JUST DON'T DO IT! This is your beloved family pet AND to even think harm is brought upon them like this is unthinkable! I would sooner want to come home to a houseful of poop and pee then to know my animals were being abused like this!!! PLEASE, PLEASE PROTECT YOUR PETS!!!! This happens more oft then not and trust me, if this ever happened to one of mine.....you fill in the blanks! This has to stop and it only will if we speak up! Walk your own dog, have a family member walk them if you must HOWEVER never, ever trust your pet with a stranger! END OF RANT!


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