Aug 25, 2018

RANT!!!! We had a villager actually state this (below) in our album of sweet Trixie and I immediately jumped to react and defend HOWEVER I took a deep breath and decided to disengage and deleted her remarks. Judgemental? Focus on helping and less blaming? In conclusion we are to just walk away, bury our heads in the sand and do nothing? We are to just " nurse her wounds and keep our mouths shut and tell this sweet dog, " we are sorry this has happened HOWEVER let's not make any waves and move on"? Judgemental??? REALLY??! We are glad the LA County AC unit against animal cruelty and abuse don't feel that way or are they being JUDGEMENTAL TOO??! END OF RANT!

Villager posts" " I think that none of us will know what actually happened. Your organization does a lot of good work but I also see a lot of judgments made by the group. Focus more on helping and less on blaming and judging. " #BETHEIRVOICE #SILENCEKILLSANIMALS #JUSTICEFORTHOSEWHOHAVENOVOICE #LNPBCARES

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