Apr 7, 2019

Rescue is so bitter sweet 💔 I have stopped and started this post over the last 10 minutes and I still don’t have words, only tears 😢 I will warn you that there are graphic photos at the end so you can choose to look or by pass 😩 Butters is finally pain free however my heart can find no comfort 💔

If you are brave enough to scroll through the pictures you will see what I saw, a little dog that has suffered for weeks/months at the hands of a monster. Now I say that because had they brought him in at the time this happened, we would not be here today 😩 We will never really know what happened, was it an accident? Was it intentional? The purple die we see is medicinal so did they try to heal him? We will never know what really happened however here is what we do know 😩

Butters, I do not know if that’s his real name, was brought to the shelter as “a stray” in the most horriffic condition I have ever seen. He sat there for a few days until we became aware of his plight yesterday and we were all surprised he lasted as long as he did 🙏 Butters was burned, upon his surgery today you will see in the photos the layers of skin that were being peeled off. When the skin came off, nothing was left but exposed and badly infected tissue and bone. The pain this dog had suffered is beyond my comprehension 😩

I asked if there was anything we could do. I was informed that Butters would have had to endure numerous surgeries, bandage wraps and there was nothing left to adhere those bandages, there was only exposed tissue and bone 😩 Butters would have had to spend weeks , if not months, in an emergency hospital hooked to an IV of pain medicines and antibiotics 24/7 as the pain we are told is unbearable. At Butters age and given his overall condition, our doctors and their consulting with a specialist all agreed this was not a feisable option. They told us the kindest, most selfless act we could do was to allow him to go peacefully.

The only bit of comfort I can find is knowing that for 24 hours Butters knew only kindness and love and that his life mattered. He left this world peacefully, wrapped in loving arms and did not die alone and wondering on a cold shelter floor. If it is true that our animals live in the present, then Butters left us knowing he was loved and cherished his whole life and was surrounded by kind and caring humans 💔

Tonight the skies will light up with a brand new shining star as the heavens and my Alley welcomed home another brand new angel ❤️ Butters we are so sorry you were failed in life and that we were too late 💔 RIP little man, you are finally pain free. Rescue is so bitter sweet, gone but never forgotten 💔 tw, LNPB

Thank you to everyone who donated for his care and for your kind thoughts, prayers and love ❤️

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