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Sep 9, 2020

Here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. we are blessed with the kindest and most amazing network of fosters, our unsung heroes of rescue. It is not easy however it is so rewarding knowing that even, if for only a short time, an animal has known only love and kindness and how much their life matters ❤

Rescue is so bitter sweet 💔 We rescued Cloudy in September 2017 from our Hurricane Harvey rescue mission. We would soon learn that he had spent 9 years, yes 9 years of his then 11 years in a cage in a no kill shelter never knowing the gentle, loving touch of a human hand or embrace of loving arms 😩 It took a long time for Cloudy to adjust to a loving home and a lot of patience however this handsome boy finally got to know freedom and love ❤️ Cloudy lost his battle to cancer and our thoughts and prayers are with our heart broken foster who shared :

“Today I lost my foster kitty, it was time 💔 I loved him enough to let him go & not suffer. It’s so not easy but I wouldn’t change fostering animals. He had a horrible life for 9yrs, my family gave him a beautiful life of a few years. To see an animal finally come out of his shell & be happy & enjoy himself is priceless. It took Mr Cloudy months to come out of a room, a year to get pets from men. So to get a cat to cuddle on my chest is worth all the tears I shed today to say good bye. It doesn’t get easier but I learn from each of them and I will help another because without me fostering , some animals won’t know what love from a family truly is. 🙏🏻❤️”

Cloudy gave our foster one last loving gift before passing ❤️ As our foster mommy was saying a heartbreaking good bye, she saw Foster, a brand new little black kitty who came into this world needing help. She contacted me immediately and through tears said “ Cloudy would want me to help “ ❤️ This is what fostering is all about here at LNPB, giving the gift of life and love to those, if even for a short time, so they may know love and how much their life matters and never again be alone ❤️

Tonight the skies will light up with a brand new shining star as the heavens and my Alley and Chauncy welcome home another brand new angel ❤️ RIP sweet boy, gone but never forgotten ❤️ Rescue is so bitter sweet 💔 tw, LNPB

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