Jul 9, 2018

Rescue is so bitter sweet :-( It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I must announce that sweet little Katie has peacefully crossed over the rainbow bridge :-( We rescued Katie on 7/3 who was so frail and emaciated and we would soon learn that this sweet little girl suffered with end stage kidney/renal failure. She was the sweetest little girl and had a foster in place however we could never get her steady enough to leave the hospital :-( She did have a champion though who would sit with her, hand feed her, try to comfort her and in the end, held her in the most loving arms letting her know how much her life mattered <3 Katie stopped eating and could no longer get up however, right up to the end, this sweetest little girl , wrapped in loving arms, knew she was not alone, so loved and that her life mattered <3

Tonight the skies will light up with a brand new shining star as the heavens and my Alley welcome home another brand new angel <3 RIP little one, gone but never, ever forgotten <3 Rescue is so very, very bitter sweet :-( tw, LNPB

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