Aug 9, 2018

Rescue is so bitter sweet :-( It is with such a sad and heavy heart that I must announce that Honey let us know she was ready to leave :-( We rescued Honey on 7/13/18 at the end of her life suffering with a the end stages of heart failure, a mass surrounding her heart and an abdomen full of fluid. We wanted to give her at least a day to enjoy some love and kindness so we sent her home with one of our core hospice fosters. Honey surprised us all and went on to enjoy her gift of life and love for almost one month! Recently her abdomen began to swell up and she stopped eating which told us she was ready. Our thoughts and prayers are with our loving foster who gave her such a gift of love, kindness and dignity right up to the end. Honey knew, as she was wrapped in her FM loving arms, that she was not alone, so loved and that her life mattered <3

Tonight the skies will light up with a brand new shining star as the heavens and my Alley welcome home another brand new angel <3 RIP sweet girl, gone but never forgotten <3 Rescue is so bitter sweet :-( tw, LNPB

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