Apr 9, 2019

Rescue is so bitter sweet 😞 Oh it is with the saddest and heaviest of hearts that I must announce that Freeway Rose went into Cardiac arrest and has just passed 😞 We rescued her on 12/2/2018, at 12-13 years old she was found with her deceased owner and to be honest, we do not think she ever got over the heart break of losing her beloved daddy 😞 Rose endured two emergency surgeries over the last 2 months and Doc told us after the 2nd surgery Freeway Rose was not the same 😞 She did not eat yesterday or this morning and sadly this morning her heart just gave out 😞 We tried so hard to find FR a loving hospice home where she could just relax however it is so difficult when an animal like Rose needs to be the only pet 😞 We are so saddened by this sudden and heart breaking loss. FR knew lots of kindness and love and now she is whole again and reunited in the loving arms of her beloved human ❤

Tonight the skies will light up with a brand new shining star as the heavens and my Alley welcome home another brand new angel. While we are saddened we take comfort in knowing that she is once again in the loving arms of her daddy ❤ RIP sweet Rose, gone but never forgotten ❤ Rescue is so bitter sweet 😞 tw, LNPB

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