Jul 15, 2020

RESCUED BY Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. ❤️ LOOK WHO WE HAVE ❤️ OMD she squeals 😂😂 Her name is Alessia and we are gonna call her “ Allie” for short! She is just the cutest little dog ❤️ She has been sitting at the shelter since 6/22 with a long list of adopters who never showed. She then got a URI and then found her self on the RED list to be PTS in 48 hours. We NEVER GAVE UP, we stayed the course, we called daily until we were the ONLY ONES left on her list ❤️

Well lil Allie we did it, you are free and on board the LNPB Freedom Ride to the Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic where she will receive the best of care ❤️ YOU ARE SAFE little one ❤

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