A look back on our Bright and Shining Stars in 2012

Nov 23, 2012

RIP sweet Sage. Our loving foster Jennifer James tells us: " It is with a sad heart that I have to tell you that Ms. Sage passed away this afternoon. She was acting a bit "bewildered" this morning, although, last night she had a good amount of chicken (about a cup or so) and even though her breathing was not so good yesterday, she managed to sleep well and looked very comfortable . However, this morning she just kind of wandered around the house, then the backyard, rather aimlessly. She also did not touch her food this morning. So, around 3pm we took her out for her walk and it was just to the park across the street, where everything was normal, until her little front feet gave way and she stumbled on the grass. We picked her up and took her inside the house and she started taking a couple of slow deep breaths and within two minutes, she was gone. I held her in my arms and told her that it was OK to go and thanked her for being such a sweet soul and wonderful addition to our family. I also told her that I loved her and Mr. Rocky (my 18 year old dog, who had a crush on Sage) was right there, with us, when she passed. I guess she her little heart just finally gave out. I'm glad that she didn't have to suffer very long and that she was on her daily walk, free & with grass under her feet and the sun and trees above her, rather than in a cage. I'm glad that she knew she was loved and that "somehow" strangers made her last days here, on earth, happy ones. Thank You for making that happen. I'm so sad, but happy that she isn't in any more discomfort."

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