May 10, 2021

SAVE THE DATE, NEXT THURSDAY, 5/20/2021 at 1:00 PM (PST)

Pool Side Pet Talk will be going LIVE with Toby Wisneski, founder of Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. and the Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic along with Co Host, Larissa Wohl, Television’s very own “Pet Rescue Expert”, as we welcome our very special guest, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Co Author of “ The Grief Recovery Handbook For Pet Loss” , James Cole ❤️

“ My heart has moments when it forgets it ever hurt, it’s during those moments I smile and remember you ❤️ “

Losing someone we love, whether it be a family member, a dear friend or a beloved pet, is never easy. You can not place a degree of pain or compare the heart break of a loss with anyone, it’s a personal and individual feeling yet the grieving process is the same for all. I remember when I lost my Alley, it took me a year and a half before I could clean her slobbers off my sliding glass door 😩 When I said a heart breaking good bye to Chauncy it took me a long time before I could move his bed, bowls and toys from the spot he left them 😩 The recent loss of Alfie sent me reeling and his bed and favorite toys still remain intact 😩

There is never a good time to lose a loved one, however there are times that are more difficult then others. Holidays, birthdays and of course over this past year, during the pandemic. Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day and some were still alone and isolated, away from loved ones physically. Not everyone was lucky enough to hug and spend time with their loved ones 💔

I want to extend my heart felt sympathy and love to those who have lost their moms, dads, sons, daughters , husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends and beloved pets and never had a chance to say good bye due to this horrible virus. The loss you are feeling is unthinkable and no one is ever ready to lose someone so quickly, especially if you never get to hold them, tell them good bye and how much you loved them 💔

The greatest lesson my animals have taught me is “ today is all we have, live it wisely, stay in the present and never miss an opportunity to tell your loved ones how you feel because tomorrow is promised to no one.”

This past year I have started my days feeling sad because I was stuck at home and could not be with friends or family until I realized there are so many people who will never have the opportunity again 💔 Be grateful, be kind, be patient, this too will pass and by the grace of God, one day at a time, we will all still be here tomorrow. ❤️ I want you all to know how thankful I am for your continued love, support and all you do for the animals ❤️ If any of you are hurting, alone, afraid, anxious or depressed, please remember we are always here, you are never alone ❤️

We will all get through this together, 24 hours at a time, I promise ❤️ God bless, stay well and stay in touch ❤️🤗 tw, LNPB #wecare

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