May 6, 2013

She watches him as he bounces around with his eyes a dancin' and his tail a waggin' so full of excitement and ready to begin his day. I smile as she stretches out her paw and he playfully moves from side to side engaging her in a morning game of "come n catch me if you can". She suddenly rises as he darts off to find me, jumping on my lap as if to let her know in his impish and coy little way, he has now evened up the playing field. She slowly makes her way towards him as he secures himself within the safety of my arms. They come nose to nose and she tenderly begins to smother his face with wet, sloppy kisses. My heart smiles for they bring such happiness, joy and love to my life. They are my dogs and I love them. ♥ tw, LNPB

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